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We change lives. We have been changing lives for over thirty years, taking more than 45,000 people on their very own adventure across the high seas. It’s no secret that sailing with us will change perceptions both of your own ability and of those around you, regardless of physical ability.

changing lives

The environment is unusual and takes people out of their comfort zone. That’s a positive in our eyes. People who were once unknown to each other and from different backgrounds very quickly come together to work as a team.

We operate a buddy system where two people are paired together, one able-bodied and one physically-disabled. They share the voyage and help one another along the way, developing a special bond that leaves a positive and lasting impression.

changing lives

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Focusing on what people can do rather than what they cannot really does change lives.

“JST gives a sense of achievement, hope and understanding of others. Thank you so much”

Tina – LN777

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