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March 13, 2018
We’re still heading towards the Azores, 620 nm travelled so far. The weather has been great; good sunbathing opportunities and the wind is picking up. The day started with Lauras fitness class on the back of the bridge, a good work out ahead of tomorrow’s yoga class. After the morning meeting, the Mate Trev gave us a very formative […]

March 12, 2018
Another glorious sunny morning on board. After a hearty breakfast we were all set for the days tasks. Once Permanent crew and Watch Leaders were briefed, we had happy hour but not as we know it back home; this one involves cleaning our beloved ship for all to enjoy. Rachel and Mags climbed to the top of […]

March 11, 2018
As it’s Mothering Sunday, we all thought of our mothers and hoped that our children were thinking of us mums too. The Captain kindly gave us a lazy day, being a Sunday. We had swells of 8 metres which provided the ship with a smooth ride, giving us time to enjoy the sun on deck. It was […]

March 10, 2018
The day began approximately 40 miles North of Tenerife heading South West. The descelleration of the polar vortex has left us with rather a bouncy ocean, but still a majestic sight. This is our second day out at sea but today with no land in sight. A new sensation for me. A highlight today was a […]

March 5, 2018
Part 2 from the Chris Hart Blog The story continues . . . after the evening supper the captain gathers the entire ships crew to announce the news that storm Emma, racing in from the north, will unfortunately block our passage to the Azores and the new destination of the Canaries has been chosen. Everyone […]

March 5, 2018
Part 1 from the Chris Hart Blog The crossing from the Cape Verde’s to the Azores has proved to be somewhat of a challenge. We set off in fine weather from the barren sandy port Palmeria, but unfortunately the weather had changed over the next few days. The sudden taste of salt filling my mouth […]

February 28, 2018
Hello and goodbye La Palma! We came on watch at 4 AM, the winds did relent a little they were still very brisk. We were on the final approach to La Palma, a very interesting island with the volcano that if it erupts, the whole side of a huge mountain some 500 cubic km collapses […]

February 27, 2018
Hightailing it to the Canaries Our midnight to 4 AM watch considered by us to be one of the most enjoyable of our watches. We are still steering 080, East North East. Our watch officer Rowan tells us the deep depression that we are in front of is so deep it has a name, Emma. […]

February 26, 2018
Came off watch at midnight after the winds have calmed and Doris the speaking compass firing off wide apart compass headings causing much frantic helm movements! The next morning we had some yummy breakfast of boiled eggs and sausages which was delicious! Spent a great deal of time trying to catch up on fractured sleep. […]

February 24, 2018
Bye bye Azores! The big blow Darren had feared is going to happen! All the voyage crew were summoned to a meeting and Darren explained that we no longer can go to the Azores due to the weather conditions, instead we have now changed course and are heading to the Canaries. He also reassured us […]

February 24, 2018
Good morning from the North Atlantic Ocean, day seven of our twenty-one day voyage from Cape Verde to the Azores. We had the opportunity to see many different and exciting unusual things last week out on the open ocean. Last night our watch had the midnight to four am shift and although we were tired when […]

February 24, 2018
Good news! We are currently cruising along nicely, with a good breeze off our port quarter – enabling us to gain a speed of roughly 8 knots. The sun is shining, we are full of warm soup and bread and the swell has calmed to a more comfortable height. Bad news! We are heading straight […]

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