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Lord Nelson blog

March 2, 2014
Day 15 Yesterday we attempted to motor south to Vernadsky station (formerly Faraday station) but had to return to Port Lockroy yesterday after we found the Lemaire Channel blocked with brash ice, growlers and bergy bits. We awoke to beautiful sunshine, seeing Port Lockroy in its full glory for the first time. The wind has […]

March 1, 2014
Day 14 Saturday 1st March (St David’s Day) Doug Allen visited the ship yesterday evening to give a resume of his life and career as a wildlife photographer who has worked for the BBC, Sir David Attenborough and others. He started working in Antarctica with the British Antarctic Survey. From his first film about Emperor […]

February 27, 2014
Day 12 Well guys, things ain’t quite what they should be. No fault of El Capitano but something called the wind and the weather which does not want us to press on south to Vernadsky base. So we have done some patrolling in open waters which has the great advantage of the ship’s system being […]

February 26, 2014
Day 11 Lord Nelson made her regal way into Port Lochroy yesterday arriving to snow and mist. A few snowballs may have been thrown. We were delighted to welcome on board the hardy souls who run Port Lochroy post office, museum run by the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust. After lunch they spoke to us about the […]

February 24, 2014
Day 7                           Saturday 22nd February 2014   Forward Starboard here.  Day 7 of our voyage sees us leaving Deceptio n Island heading for either Cuverville or Port Lockroy, the weather i s cold clear and the sea is relatively calm. Whales were spotted afte r our exit through Neptune’s Bellows and so far this watch […]

February 24, 2014
Day 6                           Friday 21st February 2014   What a contrast! Yesterday evening we were still being tossed around in Drake’s Passage although we only had less than seventy miles to go to Boyd Strait into the South Shetlands.   By early this morning we were in the Bransfield Strait. The sea was c onsiderably calmer […]

February 24, 2014
58 07S 061 53W   Sailing in a SW Force 6 wind with a heavy swell and rough sea. Still making our way across Drake’s Passage with the Southern Ocean g iving us a taste of the poorer conditions for which it is renowned. However having endured a day and night of heaving and rolling […]

February 19, 2014
Day 3 Tuesday 18th February 2014 Total on Board: 50 – a full ship, Voyage crew 35, 8 permanent crew, 2 supernumerary Antarctica experts, 1 watch keeper (to look for ice), 4 volunteers. Voyage crew from: England, Croatia, Dublin, Australia, Scotland, New Zealand, France, Portugal, Belgium and Jersey. Hola! [Spanish for Ahoy of course?]… Here […]

February 18, 2014
STW 26 Blog Sunday 16th February to Wednesday 12th March 2014 Ushuaia – Antarctica- Ushuaia Captain:                      Chris Phillips 1st Mate:                     Jon West 2nd Mate:                    Marcin Dobrowolski Bosun:                         Lesley Sale Chief Engineer:         Marco Michelangnoli 2nd Engineer:           […]

February 9, 2014
Day 58 So here we are on the final leg of the journey. Overnight we were joined at the anchorage by Oostershelde and a few cruise ships passed in the night. After picking up the pilot we motored up the Beagle Channel, mostly in pleasant sunshine. Celia, on Captain Chris’ orders brought the ship into […]

February 8, 2014
Day 57 We find ourselves at anchor surrounded by beautiful scenery in the Beagle Channel. Last night during our 8pm-12am watch, The Straights of Lemaire treated us to multiple wildlife sightings. We saw playful seals, synchronised dolphins, and an estimated 30 penguins (we’re not quite sure what the collective term is for that many penguins, […]

February 7, 2014
Day 56 @1630 hrs. Pos: 54’s.27” 64’w.52” Run to date: 6278miles Course: 170’ Pressure: 986.9 Air temp: 8c Wet temp: 6.5c Sea temp: 7.9c Well landlubbers, our voyage is rapidly coming to an end, and so is the blog for this trip. You can feel the atmosphere slowing down. On board, we’ve started to get […]

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