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September 9, 2016
LN905 09/09/2016 – There was high drama at breakfast on the discovery of a genuine jar of marmalade, however, as all crew are now accustomed to fake marmalade this has been re-labelled Apricot Jam. 2pm and it is glorious sunshine on the bridge this afternoon. All has been proceeding uneventfully for the current watch. A […]

September 8, 2016
LN905 08/09/2016 – Arrived in Copenhagen yesterday afternoon and moored up in an excellent position near the town and the palace. After a super dinner prepared by “cookie”, Ian, most of us went out to explore the town. Many found the “Lord Nelson” bar which offered an extensive range of fine ales, some of which […]

September 7, 2016
LN905 07/09/2016 – We left Gothenburg yesterday in a “Parade of Sails”. Many small boats and spectators were out to see us off. Course was set for Copenhagen…..”The Mermaid” beckons. It was a bit choppy overnight so motoring plus fore and aft sails set which gave us an extra knot or two of speed. The […]

September 7, 2016
LN905 06/09/2016 At last, we’re heading out to sea. Leaving a warm sunny Gothenburg behind we motored down the estuary in the company of several other “Tall Ships”, each with their own destination to go to. The “fleet” has now dispersed into the open water. Gothenburg was a quiet, pleasant town, and many enjoyed a […]

August 30, 2016
LN904 30/08/2016 – Tally Ho! According to Captain Chris, “We are somewhere in the North Sea.” This said during morning meeting as he held up a chart with no recognisable land-marks on it…….just the sea. However, we know he knows’, that we know he knows exactly where that “somewhere” is. We are trying to catch […]

August 30, 2016
LN904 – 30/08/2016 – Day 3, Tuesday. 4pm. We had a talk on sail setting today from 1st Mate, Lesley. She had just finished when we were called to trim the sails as the wind slowly veers round. A gorgeous dinner of lamb casserole followed by banoffee pie was enjoyed thanks to “cookie” Ian. Next […]

August 29, 2016
LN904 29/08/2016 – Day 2 – Breakfast at 8 (after being woken by Grahame welcoming us to paradise at 07:30). We went on deck for rope lessons followed by tea, coffee and delicious home-made shortbread. We loosened the gaskets to get the ship ready for the “Parade of Sails”. We left the berth at 13:30 […]

August 28, 2016
LN904 28/08/2016 – We arrived on-board and were shown our bunks and given our watch-cards and oilskins. Evacuation drill was one of the first things we carried out. Then those who wished to were able to climb the rigging and go out on the yards. After a hearty dinner of chicken followed by bread and […]

August 25, 2016
LN903 25/08/2016 – Less than a day’s sailing distance from Blyth, STS Lord Nelson sails on the glassy waters where her illustrious namesake took to the sea. The cool airs of the North Sea are beginning to wane and before long we will undoubtedly be forced to more modern means of propulsion. Plans are being […]

August 24, 2016
LN903 24/08/2016 – After an early awakening for another delicious breakfast from Iain we continued our course north. The heat had taken its toll on some of the crew with one or two sunburnt faces, but nevertheless we carried on. With the wind dying down the crew knuckled down to “happy hour” (cleaning). When Lord Nelson […]

August 23, 2016
LN903 23/08/2016 -After a delicious, filling breakfast, we learnt how to climb the mast and cast-off gaskets……. readying the ship to set some sails. All that climbed thoroughly enjoyed the experience and one climber remarked… ”Doesn’t the ship look small from high up the mast”. We weighed anchor and motored out of the Thames estuary. […]

August 22, 2016
LN903 22/08/2016 – After the hustle and bustle of the voyage crew joining the ship, crew introductions and safety briefings, we cast-off at 5pm and glided through the tall buildings of Canary Wharf and out onto the Thames with the tide helping us downstream.  We passed the O2 Arena, cable cars overhead and the Thames […]

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