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January 14, 2016
TNS455 14/01/16 Departure from Willemstad Harbour, Curacao to Sea. We’re all manning bracing stations for our departure, and the pilot is running late, so we launch into an early smoko break, having just had breakfast. We awoke to find a big 3000-berth cruise ship moored very close behind us. A few heard it arrive but many slept through its noisy […]

January 12, 2016
TNS455 12/01/16 Today, this sunny afternoon we find ourselves just off the island of Klein Curacao on the way to our evening harbour.   Yesterday, we spent all the day happily enjoying Bonaire with the ship helpfully parked at the end of the pier very close to the centre of the little town of Kralendijk (coral heap). Some of the […]

January 9, 2016
TNS455 09/01/16 Ahoy there from Aft Port – comprising of our illustrious, redeemed leader, Judy, along with the motley crew of old timers (sailing wise) of Liz, Maggie, Stretch, Mandy, Pam and Chris, and newbies Bob, Hilary and Brian. The sea is calm, the sky is blue, our tummies are full and rapidly expanding on Hammie’s excellent food.  All […]

January 8, 2016
LN888 08/01/16 The Bridge had fallen almost silent. Each person on night watch had spent over three hours falling into their rhythm. Starboard and Port lookouts, helming, hourly logs, and most importantly – tea duty and storytelling to keep morale high! I’m sure if I had asked, each person would have admitted their thoughts were […]

January 8, 2016
TNS455 08/01/16 It’s a huge Caribbean hello from the ‘A’ Team, the Aft Starboard Watch. Yesterday, Montserrat was the star act looming menacingly to starboard. Three mighty peaks, shrouded in clouds spiralling high into the sky, giving glimpses of its dramatic volcanic past. Wonderful as the sun set around it. Today began really well with Smoko (that’s tea break to […]

January 7, 2016
TNS455 07/01/16 Greetings everyone from Fwd Port watch. So far this is an interesting and warm voyage! Yesterday started with a sail setting talk from mate Ali, as Captain Barbara wanted to sail off our berth at Antigua Yacht Club, Falmouth, Antigua. The best laid plans were hampered  by a delay as the food stores hadn’t arrived as planned. […]

January 7, 2016
LN888 07/01/16 Day 3, 7th Jan 2016 Madeira here we come. We set off from Gran Canaria after lunch yesterday, a voyage crew of 37 and the 13 permanent crew of “Nellie”. A few of us were eating breakfast on the deck this morning and we saw dolphins swimming near the ship. We are now […]

January 6, 2016
TNS455 06/01/16 Its day 2 of our voyage and we left the delightfully exclusive Yarmouth yacht harbour in Antigua just after lunch and after a mammoth stores chain we were ready to get the fenders in and the sails set. We are now sailing into the sunset with a light wind and watching the fish […]

January 5, 2016
TNS455 05/01/2016 Good afternoon to all from sunny Antigua…All 56 of us are settling into life on Tenacious, so that’s 40 Voyage Crew a full ship indeed!! Today we had briefings from 1st mate Ali and Captain Barbara and had an introduction to life on board. Lots of us did unassisted climbs which was exhilarating […]

December 28, 2015
Lord Nelson 28/12/15 We left the ship at 0730 and headed for Puerto Rico on the south of the island to embark on the Jean de la Lune. We arrived at the ship for 0830 and enjoyed a cooked breakfast from the crew before having a safety brief and setting off to sea! Although, before […]

December 27, 2015
Lord Nelson 27/12/15 Today we sailed for the first time in our trip! We were so excited to finally get out to sea after the ship had been repaired; even though a few people felt a bit nervous about sea sickness. After leaving the port we learnt what was involved in both setting and bracing […]

December 26, 2015
Lord Nelson 26/12/15 We decided not to go to sail or go to the sales. Instead we started with a scrummy breakfast of waffles with yogurts and mixed berries. Fuelling the crew for a full day of strenuous hiking in the hills of Gran Canaria (after a quick happy half hour). We travelled by coach […]

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