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December 10, 2015
TNS454 10/12/15 Day 36 Ahoy all, it is now time for Aft Port’s all important recollections of the day: The morning began with a nearing shortage of hash browns and eggs! Only now after 3 weeks of our Transatlantic crossing have food items started to diminish. Despite this, culinary perfection has still been achieved thanks to our eggcellent […]

December 8, 2015
TNS454 08/12/15 Welcome to Forward Port’s factual information section where we bring you up to-date with the latest news from our voyage across the Atlantic. This morning, at around 12;10 am, 2nd mate and officer on watch Ben (the factual dream killer) attempted to remove a flying fish from the bridge and ended up holding the tail while the […]

December 7, 2015
TNS454 07/12/15 A very Happy Birthday to David today from all of us on Tenacious.  I believe so far his day has been quite eventful.  It would be rude to quote his age and I hope I look as young as he does when I catch up with him. I can say that it was a pretty […]

December 6, 2015
TNS454 06/12/15 There is not too much to report other than Eric the Egret has now made his departure. Let’s hope he finds his way home. I believe he left on a full stomach. Captain held a meeting for us all this morning mainly outlining one or two changes with regard to ‘watches’. We were all in agreement. He […]

December 5, 2015
TNS454 05/12/15 We are now on day 30 on this epic journey and under sail. Dependant on wind conditions we may have to resort to motoring in the coming days; the wind has been dropping but still blows in the right direction. The awaited Quiz event took place last night. Close call and the winning team was Rough Tooted […]

December 4, 2015
TNS454 04/12/15 It’s Friday and we are now on the Dog Watch 4-6 p.m.  Richard’s best team are adamant that we will reach the 3,000 milestone during this late afternoon. Also, I forgot to mention yesterday that we had a new arrival on board i.e. Eric the Egret.  It would seem that he has made himself at home […]

December 3, 2015
TNS454 03/12/15  I can report that, overnight,  Dr James has taken up a new profession i.e. turning his hand to changing the style of his current footwear as the Captain had reprimanded him for wearing sandals whilst on his watch. I can report that he now has the appropriate footwear. It is also young Sami’s 25th Birthday today and, […]

December 2, 2015
2/12/15 Dry Docking Update – A typical day in Astican Nellie has been out of the water for a week now and pretty unrecognisable as the ship we love. She is standing on blocks, looking  petite among the rusting hulks surrounding her. Her outside is gradually turning a dull brown, as the paint is sand-blasted […]

December 1, 2015
TNS454 01/12/15 “Hey Over here! Hey I’m over here! Look at me!” shouted the Minke whale as he jumped out of the water trying to catch the attention of the people aboard the sailing ship. “Look how high I can jump!” he called leaping ever higher from the water to show the sailing ships crew his white underbelly. I […]

November 30, 2015
TNS454 30/11/15 Today seems to be a day for those with a head for heights and in some cases those that don’t. A stream of people have been seen going up and down both masts seeking to “touch the button”. Some of those ascending do so for noble causes such as, Sophie, ably supported by Clare. Who is […]

November 30, 2015
TNS454 30/11/15 Marine Wildlife- a Voyage of Discovery Ruth is a Wildlife Officer for ORCA, a conservation charity, which aims to protect whales and dolphins, and educates, inspires and motivates others. We are very fortunate to have her on board with us, with her extensive knowledge of the marine life that inhabits the ocean on which we sail. She […]

November 29, 2015
TNS454 29/11/15 A new faction has formed aboard the good ship Tenacious in the last 24 hours. They call themselves the Baggy Wrinklers and they seek to make life better aboard by making baggy wrinkles for the areas that require them. They plan to usurp the tyrannical despots of the spotted whalers and the shanty warblers as masters of […]

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