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Please donate to help keep our ships ‘ship-shape’

Our ships have worked tirelessly throughout the year, around the world, to continue to deliver life-changing voyages to thousands of people.

In 2018, we look forward to Tenacious travelling around Cape Horn and to South Georgia, whilst Lord Nelson sails to Cape Verde and then a summer of incredible voyages around the UK.

The importance of a comfortable and welcoming bar and social space aboard our ships cannot be understated. It is the one area where crew can go to recuperate after a busy day’s sailing, share stories, jokes and maybe the odd bottle of rum. But most importantly, it is during these moments that a group of strangers bond and become a crew.

For anyone that sails regularly, I am sure that you can agree that there is nothing better than the comfort of sinking into a soft comfy chair after an invigorating day at sea. Unfortunately, the upholstery and cushions of Lord Nelson’s Bar are currently in need of refurbishment.

The seats are becoming worn from regular use and the deckhead panels will soon also need replacing. The Jubilee Sailing Trust would like the Bar to be a restful and snug area where crew can relax and enjoy spending time together. Other parts of the Bar which will also require attention include the ventilation system, lighting and replacement of the wine fridge.

Tenacious’ sleeping accommodation is in need of refurbishment too. Much of the bedding in the voyage crew quarters is overdue a refresh. I’m sure you’ll agree that one of the small home comforts allowed on board a ship is being able to relax in a clean, soft bed after a busy day.

Your gift can make a real difference this Christmas and help us to continue to raise our sails in 2018*.

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Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year from all at the JST

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