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March 24, 2016
  LN894 24/03/2016 Quick update from Nellie as the murder mystery hots up. The ship is basically full of zombies as the great and the good succumb; Will the Mate was snared late in the evening by the sweet innocent looking cookie Kass, with the fly killer by the port muster station. DD the Engineers […]

March 23, 2016
LN894 23/03/2016 It’s day 17, or I dare to say, day one after the best Cornish pasty on the planet! What a wonderful dinner the girls (Ali,Kas and Roxy) made us yesterday, so much work.. so much love.. Bravo! Sailing today is not. After the wind died last night almost completely, we are motoring again. […]

March 22, 2016
TNS458 22/03/2016 Day 23 1pm (Boat time – GMT minus 8hrs) Fwd Stb Watch – Andy (typing, from the comfort of the helming chair), Steve (helming), Mona & Paul (lookouting), Mike (sextanting), Stretch (absent on Mess duty), & Louise (reading The Admiralty’s  Mariners Handbook as she’s finished Game of Thrones). “WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!” As alluded […]

March 22, 2016
LN894 22/03/2016 Day 16 and 4 days out of the Azores finds us once more under sail as the sunny Northerlies have given way to fresh and initially very wet Westerlies. We are now at about the same latitude as Finisterre so shorts are becoming increasingly rare and the night watches especially are well wrapped […]

March 21, 2016
LN894 21/03/2016 Today (Monday) The Atlantic has been throwing large uncomfortable rollers at Nellie & everyone on board. Mess duty becomes literally a bit messy & difficult, but everyone gets stuck in despite the odd expletive! We have been motoring in a northerly direction for the last couple of days to try to pick up […]

March 21, 2016
TNS458 21/03/2016 According to the writer John H Chambers, ‘The South Pacific Ocean … is vast – about 32 million square miles.  It could swallow all of Europe, Asia, North America and much of South America.’  Little wonder then that the last vessel we saw was a full three days ago, and all the more […]

March 20, 2016
TNS458 20/03/2016 Aft Starboard We’re now well and truly into the South East Trades. The wind has been blowing at a consistent 15-20 knots for the past few days and Tenacious has been bounding along at a steady 6-7 knots eating up the miles. We have a comfortable motion with big rolling swells coming in […]

March 20, 2016
LN894 20/03/2016 Hello- todays contribution- can’t say I agree about England, I hear Wales were robed! Day 14 on the Big Brother Boat (read in a Geordie accent). Currently on watch and it’s a beautiful day.  Wind variable, the sun is out and we have completed 1146 miles. Underpants still missing as is Mikes card […]

March 19, 2016
TNS458 19/03/2016 Day 20 of the voyage. It’s Forward Port back on afternoon watch and looking forward to the 12-04 watch overnight – although with Second Mate Marianne on watch with us we can be almost guaranteed to encounter rain given her previous track record… Today is Cadet Ryan’s birthday so the home-made chart bunting […]

March 19, 2016
LN894 19/03/2016 Saturday 19 March – day 13 We have reached the half way point.  So far this watch we have not seen any other vessels or any sealife, but we have kept ourselves entertained by preparing for a quiz.  Each watch has been asked to write 15 questions.  We hope we have something for […]

March 18, 2016
TNS458 18/03/2016 Day 19 Fwd watch – Louise, Stretch, Paul, Mona, Steve & Andy (Mike is on mess duty) Friday 18th March 2016 2000 GMT 1300 Local LAT 07’37.07 S LON 106’39.7 W Heading 265 degrees Speed 7.5 knots LOG 1810 NM Sails set :- Fore Course, Fore Lower Topsail, Fore Upper Topsail, Fore T’Gallant, […]

March 17, 2016
LN894 17/03/2016 This was our second day in the Azores.  Some people hired cars or went on tuk tuk rides to see a bit more of Sao Miguel, the island where we are moored up.  Others went for a wander to see a bit more of the town.  A few of us caught a bus […]

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