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May 22, 2018
And so all good things come to an end. In the distance we can see our final destination approaching, Antigua and more specifically Falmouth Harbour where we will anchor in a couple of hours, and then go alongside in the morning. 24 hours ago we were sailing past Dominica where hurricane damage of the forest […]

May 21, 2018
May 21st and Forward Starboard is reporting in for the final time.  We are fast approaching our final destination and our time aboard Tenacious will too soon be coming to a close. We have kept busy at sea as we’ve travelled past some of the eastern Caribbean islands. After motoring out of Bequia and past St. […]

May 20, 2018
Sargassum. Floating garlands of golden sea flora welcoming us to the Caribbean. Intriguingly, the seas have been full of this yellow, brown seaweed for many days. Where does it come from? How can there be so much of it? We arrived in Bequia, a welcomingly small island, part of St Vincent & The Grenadines – […]

May 17, 2018
Day 39 of the mission – Forward Starboard again at the helm and blog controls. 5,500 nautical miles now covered…phew! Nearly all our watch are dead, except Joe who has eluded his killer so far. Today we are motor sailing at 10 knots plus with most of our sails set – looking good for our […]

May 16, 2018
Greetings me hearties! We are sailin to the isles of the Carib! There’s golden shores, music to dance to, rum to be drunk, and booty to be had. Arrg! Get your sabres out, load your pistols, and prepare to board all vessels. We have set sails including the spanker, handed sails, and braced the yards. […]

May 16, 2018
Day 8 and everyone now knows the ropes.  Everyone is pretty settled now apart from the Goddess of sea and weather. We are going this way and that way over the Irish Sea and we all look forward to our next meal.  Sailing beautifully using as many sails as possible with Whales (Wales) on the […]

May 15, 2018
Another glorious morning welcomed us out of our bunks today and the sun has shone ever since. Cookie was allowed an extra long lie-in today (so, naturally, he emerged at 0615) but, instead of our usual cooked breakfast options, Katy kept us well fed with home-made granola, bircher oats and fabulous cinnamon and raisin pastries. […]

May 15, 2018
We started today with breakfast at 08.00, with all the voyage crew present.  Cork was fair in weather with a few clouds but otherwise sunny.  Right after breakfast we had the voyage photograph on the quayside without issue (everyone was present and on time!). At around 9.30 hours we started assisted climbs with everyone attempting […]

May 14, 2018
We begin with the early morning fog and the discovery that one long blast on the ships whistle every 2 minutes is apparently quite difficult to sleep through! Fortunately our time in the fog sounding our whistle wasn’t too long. Once through the fog we found ourselves floating up river and approaching Cobh all wishing […]

May 14, 2018
The people on watches last night were treated to a spectacular show of phosphorescence, fish and dolphins. The best display Rowan has ever seen in European waters, pure magic. After breakfast we continued our passage through Cork Harbour where we picked up our ‘old friend’ Thomas McCarthy to pilot us along the River Lee towards […]

May 14, 2018
We’re thrilled to share the news that Sea Change was awarded Silver in the Charity Film Awards!   A huge thank you to everyone who voted for our film. A massive congratulations to the crew, CDC Films & Barclays.   We came second place in the long form category only to a production by Sir […]

May 14, 2018
The doldrums and rain clouds are now well behind us, though on starboard watch, Pops reports that there’s still a lot of Sargasso weed floating past. It’s a lovely, sunny day and a steady north easterly breeze on the starboard beam makes it perfect sailing weather. We have 11 sails up and are now just […]

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