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November 4, 2015
Our CEO Duncan Souster joined Julian Clegg on BBC Radio Solent to discuss Tenacious’ epic voyage down to Australia. You can listen to the full clip here.  

November 3, 2015
TNS454 I’m on the Southampton to Antigua 55 day voyage. I first became interested in sailing when my grandmother gave me the Swallows and Amazons series of books for my eighth birthday, I started sailing a small dingy soon after and thoroughly enjoyed the freedom it gave me. Fast forward to age 15 and I joined […]

November 3, 2015
LN884 03/11/15 Aft Starboard Watch – Stan Oxnard, Maria Miles, Henry Bradbury, Charlotte Cumberbirch, Esme Reaney, Bryn Fitch Day 9 We arrived in the picturesque port of Muros yesterday before which we were swarmed upon by a large pod of friendly dolphins. We had awoken that day to a beautiful pink sunrise over the Spanish […]

November 2, 2015
What’s your role at JST? I’m a Chief Engineer on board Lord Nelson How long have you worked at the JST? Since April 1995 What’s your favourite part of your job and why? Meeting and interacting with diamonds from all walks of life, there are some stars out there still If you could travel anywhere, […]

November 1, 2015
LN884 01/11/15 Aft Starboard Watch 1800 – 2000 After a glorious afternoon the voyage crew congregated downstairs in the Lower Mess for a detailed lesson on rigging, types of sailing ships from approximately the 16th century. Derek and Gnomes in the galley should be Ready Steady Cook.  The quality of the catering on the voyage  […]

October 31, 2015
LN884 31/10/2015 Aft Port Day 6 – well after a pretty windy night with sideways rain and gusts of up to 45 knots, the weary crew of Lord Nelson rose to a much calmer sea! After breakfast the captain happily announced that the wind was finally in the right direction and with enough speed to set […]

October 31, 2015
LN884 31/10/15 Aft Starboard 0400 – 0800 We had trimmed all the sails back in on the afternoon watch due to a rolling cloud front that actually sent the ship backwards whilst facing forwards. So we continue now under motor power hoping that the morning will bring back the winds that we need for optimum […]

October 30, 2015
LN884 30/10/15 Aft Starboard: Esme, Henry, Maria, Bryn, Stan, Charlotte A talk was arranged for Anna, from the charity ORCA to identify the whales and dolphins we may see on our journey. Along with all the crew a small pod of common dolphins decided to join in and appeared  right on time which was absolutely […]

October 28, 2015
LN884 28/10/2015 It’s Wednesday afternoon and The Lord Nelson is currently sitting quietly in a sheltered bay off Maenporth Beach in Falmouth Bay. Low Pressure and high winds are currently predicted overnight so the ship’s anchor was lowered around midday. The plan is to catch the tail end tomorrow and, with the wind behind us, […]

October 27, 2015
LN884 27/10/15 Aft Starboard; Stan, Henry, Charlotte, Bryn, Maria and Esme And we’re off! Set sail from Southampton at 10:30am under motor, Lisbon bound. Esme was inventing nautical terms, a beehive became a ‘snake pit’ and springs/mooring lines became ‘big ropes’.  We completed our seamanship training which consisted of bracing the yards, evacuation drill and different […]

October 27, 2015
We would like to say a big thank you to the Garfield Weston Foundation for their generous donation of £5,000. Together, we are breaking down barriers between people of different circumstances, correcting misconceptions about disability, and opening minds to the power of diverse teams within an inclusive environment. The Garfield Weston Foundation’s donation will be used […]

October 20, 2015
20/10/15 Nellie is currently sitting quietly at anchor in the Solent, 2 cables north of the West Lepe buoy. It’s very quiet and a bit lonely on watch at the moment with only the sound of the man at VTS on VHF channel 12 (he sounds like a very nice chap) to keep me company. […]

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