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Be Inspired – Meet Lily and Alice Helme

Lilly HelmeSpending time on a tall ship in the South Indian seas may not sound like an obvious holiday choice for two sisters to reconnect – but for Lily and Alice Helme, it was the perfect way to spend quality time together whilst fulfilling Lily’s growing quest for adventure.

Lily and Alice were keen to be part of the Norton Rose Sail the World Challenge and booked on the Kochi-Kochi leg of the journey.

Lily explains, “I have Cerebral Palsy – it’s a neurological condition, which affects every individual differently – but for me, it’s simply my lower limbs. It means I’m almost a full-time wheelchair user. There are no other ships, apart from Tenacious and Lord Nelson, in the world, that can accommodate a full-time wheelchair user. So the Jubilee Sailing Trust is really remarkable.”

Lily’s sister, Alice, says that they rarely have the opportunity to spend time together and that the Jubilee Sailing Trust was a natural fit for both of them.

“We’ve got quite a big family, so we’re all quite diluted. We don’t often spend one-on-one time with each other; but this holiday has meant we’ve been together for a whole week and that’s been my favourite part of the experience – being with Lilly.”

The Helme sisters took part in a 7 day excursion around the south coast of India which has formed part of Lord Nelson’s Sail the World journey. It’s an incredible ongoing trip, with Lord Nelson circumnavigating the globe, crossing the equator 4 times, visiting seven continents and covering 50,000 miles, all the while inviting people of all abilities to help to run the ship. One of the many incredible elements that makes up a JST adventure holiday is that you aren’t just a passenger on the ship – you become a part of the crew. It’s one of the reasons that Lily booked the adventure.

“I love being up near the helm and working in the helm as far as the ship is concerned. I like going up the mast too! I love that team building atmosphere as well. There’s no escape and it’s just a lovely atmosphere to be around.”

Alice was blown away by the facilities on the ship.

“I’ve been really amazed at everyone’s knowledge of the wheelchairs and moving disabled people around. What’s usually a really difficult job was actually smooth and quite cool!”

The Jubilee Sailing Trust uses a buddy system so that disabled and able-bodied crew are paired together. This process breaks down barriers and creates the incredible atmosphere on voyages that the Jubilee Sailing Trust is famed for.

Lily is really impressed with the Jubilee Sailing Trust and believes their ‘Changing Lives’ motto is the real deal.

“It IS a life changing experience. My first ever voyage I came on – it really, really changed my perception on life – it really does change lives!”

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