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Medical supplies cost £120 per month for both ships. A donation of £60 would help one ship keep its medical kit in date for one month. You can also choose to give medical supplies to the ships as an ‘alternative gift’ for someone special.

Our range of alternative gifts are a great way of showing people that you are thinking of them, yet at the same time helping to provide life-changing experiences on board our ships. They are ideal gifts for the person that already has everything!

When you choose one of our alternative gifts, you make a donation to the JST in the name of the person the gift is for. They will not actually receive medical supplies; instead they will receive a pack containing a certificate of thanks, an explanation of the gift and one of our JST magnets. You can have the pack customised with a special message and either have it posted directly to the recipient or to you so you can give it to them yourself.

On behalf of the person who receives the pack, your donation will go towards maintaining our ships in great shape and helping people to take part in our voyages.



Medical Supplies £60
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