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Sky diveThe Parachute Regiment take care of you as you jump from 13,000 feet in a truly exhilarating challenge.
Ever dreamt of jumping out of an aeroplane whilst firmly strapped to a Red Devil? Well here is your chance to experience 45 seconds of freefall from 13,000 feet with a 6 minute canopy ride down to Earth.
If you are under 6’2″ tall, not more than 15.5 stone and can raise £500 through sponsorship (or pay for it all yourself!) then contact the JST fundraising team to find out how you can achieve your dream.
The JST are having a Red Devils skydive day on 8th July 5015 in Salisbury so why not get involved and take on another challenge of a lifetime!

Check out a JST Red Devils Sky dive here

Click here to book now! Or if you would like further information or would like help with setting up your fundraising page, please don’t hesitate to contact the JST Fundraising Team
Tel: 023 8042 6868 or visit the contact us page.

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