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The Jubilee Sailing Trust currently has many active fundraising Branches around the country. Branches vary in size from 2/3 people to 30/40 people. Each Branch is very individual and the JST provides a support and a framework for each Branch to operate.

The work that the members do on behalf of the JST covers a wide spectrum. Some branches focus more on spreading the word e.g. they will run a small PR stand at local events, and some branches focus more on fundraising – organising and running events, such as; coffee mornings, pub quizzes, fun runs, garden parties, themed nights at a local restaurant – your imagination is the only limit.

The Branches are an integral part of our fundraising initiatives. They provide a network of support and help that is essential, and they are an extremely important part of the JST family.

We have branches all over the UK as you can see from the map below. To see a list of branches and locations zoom in using the ‘+’ and’-‘ buttons.

To join a branch please contact  us on, call + 44 (0) 23 8042 6868 or visit the contact page.

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