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7 days on Tenacious (From: £875*)

UK and Europe (Coastal) - TNS 419

Place: Southampton (UK)
Date: 27/09/2014
Place: Southampton (UK)
Date: 03/10/2014

With both Lord Nelson and Tenacious back on home turf – what a brilliant reason to have a friendly Jubilee Sailing Trust race! Departing from Southampton you’ll be involved in a thrilling race – sailing all the way to Cherbourg in France, around the Isle of Wight and back up the Solent back to home. Hedge your bets now on who you want to win and join in the fun – but whatever ship you sail on, you’ll have an amazing experience!

* All of our voyage crew spaces are subsidised through our continuous fundraising, however if you would like to pay the full cost for your voyage please refer to the Full Cost price listed below.

Full voyage details:
Subsidised Price*:£875
Voyage number:TNS 419
Voyage start date:27/09/2014
Voyage end date:03/10/2014
Voyage duration:7 days
Departing from:Southampton (UK)
Arriving in:Southampton (UK)
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