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12 days on Lord Nelson From:£1320 *

Europe - LN972

Place: Oban (UK)
Date: 24/06/19
Place: Aalborg (Denmark)
Date: 05/07/19

Journey with us across the North Sea, along the Limfjord to the cultural Danish city of Aalborg where the Tall Ships Races begin.

We’ll be starting our adventure in Oban – the gateway to Scotland’s Western Isles – exploring the stunning Scottish coastline, as we make our way round towards Scandinavia.

We’ll be arriving in Denmark for two nights in port to join in the festivities, as the Tall Ships Races 2019 begin. You won’t find a more exciting time to visit Aalborg.

After all the ships arrive on day 1, the next day will see special crew parades through the city, followed by an exclusive party just for tall ship crews. The JST’s unique mission always makes our ship stand out from the crowds at these events, and you can expect a very special welcome.

The city epitomises the positive and laid back mood of Denmark’s northern regions. You’ll find plenty of artistic bars and gourmet restaurants to unwind after your epic sailing adventure. You may want to book another night’s stay in the city, as there’ll be a spectacular fireworks display in the evening after you depart the ship.

Tall Ships Voyage-What to Expect!

During a typical tall ships race voyage, you will embark the ship in a race port on day 3 of the above programme, staying one night in port then sailing from port day 4. At the end of your voyage, you will arrive in port on day 1, staying 2 nights in port and disembarking the ship on Day 3.

All the tall ships are expected to be open to public of the city we visit and of course so the other ships’ crews can visit a JST ship.  Bearing in mind the JST charitable objectives.

JST ships are very much sought after for folk to look around and we’ll also be the only tall ship in port fully accessible to wheelchair users. As a member of our ship’s crew, you too will be expected to host open ship and to show visitors around the ship, this is usually on deck only, not below decks. We won’t be holding open ship on all the days and we will have a day watch rota in place, so you will still have the chance to be part of the fun shore activities.

* All of our voyage crew spaces are subsidised through our continuous fundraising, however if you would like to pay the full cost for your voyage please refer to the Full Cost price listed below.

Full voyage details:
Price: £2400
Subsidised Price*: £1320
Voyage number:LN972
Ship:Lord Nelson
Voyage start date:24/06/19
Voyage end date:05/07/19
Voyage duration:12 days
Departing from:Oban (UK)
Arriving in:Aalborg (Denmark)

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