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6 days on Tenacious From:£525 *

UK - TNS528

Place: Portsmouth (United Kingdom)
Date: 21/04/2019
Place: Portsmouth (United Kingdom)
Date: 26/04/2019

If you find yourself wondering what to do during the spring holidays why not try something extraordinary? There is nothing like creating memories whilst learning new skills and reaching beyond your horizons. Embark on an inclusive 6-day sailing adventure like no other, aboard the unique SV Tenacious.

As we move from spring to summer enjoy the variables of the UK weather and set sail across the Solent for 6-day voyage. You will be part of a mixed ability crew as you get to learn how to set sails, mast climb and helm the ship, amongst many other team building skills.

Sailing from the historic port of Portsmouth, absorb some of the nautical history as you pass HMS Warrior and HMS Victory- two of the most prestigious vessels of our country’s maritime history. Discover uncharted territories and achieve things you never thought possible!

* All of our voyage crew spaces are subsidised through our continuous fundraising, however if you would like to pay the full cost for your voyage please refer to the Full Cost price listed below.

Full voyage details:
Price: £525
Voyage number:TNS528
Voyage start date:21/04/2019
Voyage end date:26/04/2019
Voyage duration:6 days
Departing from:Portsmouth (United Kingdom)
Arriving in:Portsmouth (United Kingdom)

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