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1 days on Tenacious From:£145 *

UK (Day Sail) - TNSDS 110519

Place: Poole (UK)
Date: 11/05/2019
Place: Poole (UK)
Date: 11/05/2019
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TNSDS 110519 – Poole

From Pooole, come aboard on the iconic tall ship, SV Tenacious! Join a day sail in the Solent and glimpse the wonderful south coastline of England.

You will have the chance to sail out of a port steeped in maritime history, where famous ships such as Titanic and the Mayflower once departed from.

On board, you’ll learn new a host of new skills whilst setting sails, climbing the mast and helming the ship. It’s the perfect starter experience of what a sailing adventure with a diverse crew on our tall ship is really like.

* All of our voyage crew spaces are subsidised through our continuous fundraising, however if you would like to pay the full cost for your voyage please refer to the Full Cost price listed below.

Full voyage details:
Price: £200
Subsidised Price*: £145
Voyage number:TNSDS 110519
Voyage start date:11/05/2019
Voyage end date:11/05/2019
Voyage duration:1 days
Departing from:Poole (UK)
Arriving in:Poole (UK)

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