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A big thank you to everyone who contributed to our Your Ships Need You campaign! Your willingness to help ensures Lord Nelson and Tenacious remain seaworthy and safe. Your support shows you understand just how important it is that both ships are able to continue to change lives on the open seas.

The maintenance work was completed successfully and we wanted to let you know how your donation contributed to the works carried out during the dry-docking and maintenance.

Tenacious entered Milford Haven dry dock on Sunday 27th April. Assembled were an enthusiastic band of volunteers and engineers ready, with your help, to give Tenacious the care and attention she deserved after changing so many lives throughout her sailing calendar.


One of the first and most important works carried out by our engineers and volunteers was repairs to her hull. Thanks to your donations we were able to replace the damaged keel sealant, and make repairs to the epoxy sheathing on the outside of the hull. We also repositioned and secured the displaced lead ballast and removed keel bolts and replaced the damaged ones.

Our volunteers were also able to paint the keel, hull topsides and half round while she was dry docked. This opportunity to give a little TLC to Tenacious only comes about while she is out of the water. Tenacious’ anchors and chains were surveyed and 2 new anchors and 16 lengths of chain were fitted.

Painting duringOf course in any period of ship maintenance work our volunteers love to get painting. This time around they were able to give a fresh coat to cable lockers, the charthouse, and anchor capstans which were chipped and then painted. There were repairs to the forecourse, the forestay was replaced and there were other minor sail repairs.

Our main engines and generators were removed, sent to one of our partners Cummins to be overhauled and then re-commissioned a short time later. The bowthruster was also overhauled and the gearbox shaft was replaced.

Unfortunately due to a lightning strike during Tenacious’ visit to Cádiz, Spain, new wind gear had to be installed. We also installed new cables and displays on the bridge navigation systems.

Voyage crew will all understand the importance of working heads! Our maintenance crew were able to complete extensive work to the sewage plant ensuring its operation for some time to come!

After all this maintenance was completed she was flooded up on Saturday 16th May ready to continue her busy calendar of voyages this year.

There is an excellent video available of the flooding up below:

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