Good evening from France! It’s beautiful weather here -sun sun sun!! We motored on through the night which wasn’t as rocky or noisy as I thought it would be. I guess that’s because the water is as flat as a pancake! We set sail today and released the sails to take advantage of the wind. That meant a lot of pulling ropes and very sore hands. It was so majestic and picturesque in the middle of the Channel. The photographs don’t do it justice. I was looking forward to the voyage for quite a few months now and was hoping it would meet my expectations. It is even more exciting, beautiful and hardworking than I would have ever imagined. It’s only day 3 and already we have learned so much, grown as a team and made some new friends! When we arrived in Cherbourg, we docked at the quay and were allowed onto the shore for the evening – FREEDOM! Us minors had to be back by 2300, but were shattered after the long busy days, so by 2100 we were ready to head back to our ship. Tonight I’m on watch from 2200 till 2400, so I better go and make sure the ship is okay! Au Revoir!

Eimear Collins

Forward Port