LN905 09/09/2016 –

There was high drama at breakfast on the discovery of a genuine jar of marmalade, however, as all crew are now accustomed to fake marmalade this has been re-labelled Apricot Jam.

2pm and it is glorious sunshine on the bridge this afternoon. All has been proceeding uneventfully for the current watch. A large vessel approached at great speed from astern and steamed on through a small local regatta. Happy hour was successfully completed without casualties and then the crew attended an “A level” course in sail setting and the history of nautical terminology courtesy of Barry, the Mate. After we anchor off the entrance to the Kiel Canal later this evening we will be having a barbeque on board with today’s catch (hopefully) supplied by aft port and their harpoon. Vicki (BM), has been oiling and greasing everything on the ship that needs oiled and greased including some of the crew who’re getting a bit creaky, and Peter has established a small operation trading leniency on anchor watches in return for unspecified “favours”.

Aft Starboard. Peter, Michelle, Olivia, Jamie, Phil, John and Carolyn.