To celebrate Tenacious’ 15th anniversary we’ve put together 15 amazing facts! Why not get clued up on all things Tenacious and test your friends and family…

Tenacious Valentines Day seconadry

1) Tenacious is one of only two tall ships in the world designed and built to enable people of all physical activities to sail together

2) She has hosted some of the 21,000 voyage crew, 9,000 physically disabled people and 3,000 wheelchair users who have sailed with the Jubilee Sailing Trust

3) She displaces 714 tonnes (approximately the weight of 2 jumbo jets!)

4) She is 65m long

5) …and 46.6m tall

6) She has a speaking compass with a digital read out screen to allow visually impaired people to steer the ship

7) In addition to power assisted hydraulic steering which helps people with limited strength steer the ship

8) And vibrator pads fitted to the bunks to alert people who are deaf or hard of hearing in the event of an emergency

9) The ship has more than 46km of planking

10) …and over an acre of wood to sand and fair

11) Along with 24km of wiring

12) …and 11km of rigging

13) plus 114 deck beams

14) …and another 69 pairs of frames

15) and finally she has 71 floors (44 wooden & 27 steel to be precise!)