Hello everyone! It’s Becci, from JST office, part of the voyage crew for this trip.

Good evening from Tenacious on a glorious evening in the English Channel. Winds are very light and the sea is very calm with the evening sun still shining down.

We left Southampton this morning and have had a very busy day with training schedules and safety drills. Climbed to the lower top sail and all the way across today to loosen the gaskets, so will def make it to the top by the end of the week! Hoorah! Having a brilliant time. Weather is so lovely. I’m still as pale as anything though – boo!

Sailing to Cherbourg overnight and should arrive tomorrow afternoon. Au revoir for now!

This afternoon we were on watch from 1600 to 1800, and were busy doing many things – look out, steering and climbing the mast ( which was terrifying )!

Dinner was a treat. Yummy Sunday dinner of roast chicken, spuds, c……OMG FIRE ALARM!! The sick bay is on fire…never mind…only a hairdryer…pheww. That’s enough drama for one day. Eilmear and Maedbn F.P.

Day 2 of our trip to join L’Armada de Rouen – a week-long event on the banks of the Seine with concerts, fireworks, parades and opportunities for the public to tour Tenacious as well as other tall ships (and military vessels) from France, Germany and as far afield as Oman, Mexico and Russia.

High pressure means pleasants unshine but our sails need wind; we’re using the engines to position ourselves for a good sail into Cherbourg tomorrow, before a night journey up 70 miles of winding river to our destination.

Spirits are very cheery; we have a great party of Irish schoolgirls on board, all of whom are picking up the skills of helming, bracing the yards, coiling ropes and – this evening – safely negotiating the shrouds and yards to prepare for sail-setting. The professional crew are, as always, explaining the technicalities patiently and clearly, and we are all feeling blessed to be travelling in a community of mutual help for young and older holidaymakers sharing a really good time. Watch leader Diana A.S. Will update you again after our arrival tomorrow. No that was not me doing my hair in the sick bay, I know what you are all thinking. Goodnight to Katherine aged 8 who is following Tenacious on the blog.

Carole M.P.