Congratulations to the winners of this quarter’s 400 Club🎉

The winning numbers are:

1st: 110
2nd: 186
3rd: 138
4th: 78
5th: 16
6th: 119

Our draws take place each quarter and you could be in the running for a top prize of £400. It’s just £15 to enter each time, with 6 cash prizes up for grabs. Half the proceeds of the 400 club are donated to the Jubilee Sailing Trust and so far we have raised over £70,000.

How does it work? It’s real simple. Each quarter we pull six numbers out of our ‘Lucky Barrel’. The first number to be pulled out wins £400. The next five numbers to be pulled out of the Barrel will receive the remaining amount of allotted prize money between them. The more players, the bigger the prize fund.

To join the 400 club, all you have to do is call us on +44 (0) 23 8042 6868 or contact us for an entry form. Once you’ve received it, please sign it and send it back to us, then you will be allocated a number. You can also download the form here 400 club.pdf