Are you feeling lucky?

Sign up to the Jubilee Sailing Trust’s 400 Club today and you could stand a chance of winning £400! For just £15 per quarter you could be in the running for this fantastic prize. Half the proceeds of the 400 club are donated to the Jubilee Sailing Trust and so far we have raised over £78,000. Each quarter we pull out six lucky numbers. The first number to be pulled out wins £400. It’s as easy as that! The next five numbers will receive the remaining amount of allotted prize money between them.

The chance of winning on the lottery is 1 in 14 million, with the 400 Club your chances are so much higher- so join us today for your chance to win!

To join the 400 club, all you have to do is complete the form below, sign it and send it back to us, then you will be allocated a number.

400 Club Form.

400 Club Policy