Day 22 in the Big Brother House….first up Aft Port has a new member:

Pirate Gary, as sadly 2 members of the watch had to jump ship in the Azores.

Watch leader Mike is getting paranoid he might lose another so we’re now taking bets on who it might be…

Yesterday was an eventful day with Daz reeling in a pretty sizeable yellow fin Tuna.  Said tuna was resistant to the whack on the head he received and after being stabbed in the gills, still continued stoically to flap about.

Man overboard drill was a very serious undertaking unfortunately Emily was not allowed to throw herself over and instead they used Fred the dummy. Man overboard!!  The worrying thing is that he vanished within 10 seconds of being in the water even though he had a bright orange head.  The crew braced the main yards so the ship was hove to and the ship stopped.  The rescue boat was launched with a very serious looking 2nd Mate Ben, Katia and Chips who successfully retrieved Fred thanks to the expert masterminding of Captain Chris.  Aft Port plus Justin, 1st Mate Steve and Fiona winched Fred aboard and Medic Daz flew into action giving him the kiss of life.  Stretch and Esme have now vowed to paint their heads orange in a bid to stay safe.

The temperature dropped last night so the thermals were out as Aft Port took to watch 8pm-12am.  Movie Club was in full swing presided over by Daddy Gus and a set of fully grown adults watched a film made for 14 year old girls.

April Fools Day!  The jokes so far have been Gus’ clothes hoisted up the mast, Justin’s duvet was stolen and eye liner on the binoculars got Roxie, Esme, James, Ben and despite repeated attempts Brian came away with clean eyes. Plus cadet James announced there was a fish on the line which allowed everyone to laugh at Mario, I mean Marco.