TNS456 10/02/2016

We are now on our way to Drake’s Bay after an exhausting evening spent at a quiz. Our watch did brilliantly; coming a healthy last, tied with the BMs. Grahame’s watch won and have not allowed us to forget it since. The weather is really lovely today with some more breeze to cool us slightly, and we are off around the coastline, still eating yummy food; avocados, water melon, fried plantains for breakfast and fab beetroot soup with the Ali touch for lunch. In fact Jorge has just emerged from the galley after finishing his mess duty and said that when Ali is cooking, she is always singing and smiling. As a result the food comes with “good energy “. Must go, another group of dolphins is playing outside and the pelican should be back any minute now to take up his post at the end of the bowsprit. I am told that the sea temperature is 32 degrees and outside temperature 34 whew!