Tenacious has finally set sail on her voyages once again and it’s been lovely to hear from those enjoying life at sea.

Ever wondered what life onboard might look like? Here’s a brief account from one of our voyage crew:

“We arrived mid-afternoon on Sunday, greeted with a Covid-19 test which we all successfully tested negative for. From there, we picked up our kit and made our way on board ‘Tenacious’.

We were shown our bunks and given a little bit of time to stow our kit and following this we all mustered in the lower cabin for a welcome brief. From then we had our first scran on board and the designated ‘mess person’ took care of us all! We then all got our heads down for a good night’s kip.

Call the hands was a pleasantly late 07:30 and we all mustered for our morning scran before starting our first proper day on board. We split into our watches and rotated round a round robin of going up the rigging, being shown the ropes and seeing the bridge, broken up by our lunch. A hard day’s work was then rewarded by a delicious dinner and an early night.”

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