Aboard our ship and in a unique, non-discriminatory environment where everyone is seen and treated as equal, we liberate people from those feelings of restriction and limitation, so that they become better able to live their life as they wish.

Why can we promise this?

In a wild, unpredictable and challenging environment, people discover new personal depths.

That is true for everyone, because the sea does not discriminate. Onboard Tenacious, people engage in a continuous, residential experience and live in close quarters. They are often disconnected from elements of modern life. That means that people are more present in the moment and their learning experience is accelerated.

We give everyone responsibilities that have real consequences. People learn that risky activities can be safe when managed responsibly. Our tall ship is uniquely accessible and is crewed by a diverse community of mixed abilities, circumstances and ages.

On JST voyages social, demographic and physical barriers are broken down and disability and disadvantage fade into the background.


Our history

The JST was founded in 1978 through the extraordinary vision of a dedicated group of people

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Annual Reports

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"My attitude to life has been changed by this trip and the people I met. My self esteem and confidence have increased, my social skills have also improved and my previous almost small-minded point of view towards people with disabilities has dramatically been changed to a much more understanding and respectful attitude. Thank you JST!"


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