We woke to another beautiful day in Weymouth Bay with the sun sparkling on the water. After breakfast it was happy hour, oh joy! The decks were scrubbed, below decks were mopped and polished. We then motored round to Portland Harbour with the dolphins happily joining us before tying up. It was time for the Assisted climbs.

Marjorie, Jacquie and Lizzie were ably accompanied by Johannes climbing up the main mast. I used the self-ascending gear to haul myself up the foremast. Ben and Alan made sure all ropes were untangled and well attached. It was wonderful to sit on the first platform watching a dolphin in the harbour and my fellow climbing crew mates achieving their goal.

Shore leave was granted and many went off to explore the delights of Portland. A small group of us visited the castle while others went to Chesil beach and went walking. Some even visited Portland Bill.

We left Portland this morning in more glorious sunshine. As soon as we were past the pier heads it was all hands to bracing stations and lots of sail handling to take advantage of the chilly but brisk wind. It’s a lot of hard work but oh so satisfying when the engine goes off and Tenacious is under full sail. A great day sailing and looking forward sailing through the night towards Jersey despite the 4.00am call to come!