Jubilee Sailing Trust Giving Day

21 March 2018

Join us for the JST annual Giving Day! To celebrate our 40th anniversary year, we’re asking for as many of our incredible supporters as possible to raise £197.80 – a nod to the year of the Trust’s formation, 1978.

To achieve this, we’re hoping you can hold fundraising challenges, take part in sponsored events or simply help spread news about JST. We look forward to seeing how you raise your £197.80!

Remember, if you’re unable to host an event then you can of course show your support by instead donating any amount directly to the fund on the 21st March (suggested amounts could be £1,978.00 or £197.80 or £19.78!).

Thank you for your support of the Jubilee Sailing Trust.

For further information or for tips on holding your fundraising event please contact: Emma Cotton emma.cotton@jst.org.uk   02380 426868