Ben sailed with the Jubilee Sailing Trust for the first time in September 2016 at the age of 41. In his youth, he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, put on weight and after a few years, started to get health implications around this condition.

In 2011 he broke his toe on a rugby tour, which in turn led to a bone infection that caused him to have his foot and then lower leg amputated just below the knee. Shortly after he suffered complete vision loss. He was now in a wheelchair and had been registered blind.

Ben had worked as a pylon engineer in his youth and had a passion for heights. He was keen to sail with the JST and particularly interested in climbing the main mast.

Thanks to our project with Barclays, funding was made available to Ben and he joined Lord Nelson on a voyage from Southampton to Canary Wharf.

Charlie [my buddy] gave me a massive hug and said well done. I’ve never felt the love like it. I can’t explain anymore what the trip meant to me, the trip of a lifetime.

“Not only did this give me the chance of something I couldn’t afford to do, but it also gave my wife and son a much needed respite from caring for me.”