What are the odds of having four birthdays on a one-week JST voyage? Well, Micah came up trumps with a different cake each time, thoroughly enjoyed by all, though it was hard to bring ourselves to slice up Nemo – a beautiful creation (and utterly delicious)!

A week of strange weather has brought its own challenges. Leaving London docks, the waters of the estuary were almost mirror-like and, as we made our way down the Thames, the views of the high-rise buildings at Canary Wharf under Turneresque skies at sunset were nothing short of dramatic.

However, after the calm of the river and having motored south then west around the Kent coast, we were hit by gusting winds of up to 35 knots in the Channel. This led to two exciting short day-sails off Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight, anchoring overnight in the lee of St Helens.

Tuesday brought a second opportunity to climb the rigging and we were especially impressed by Nathan and Charlie’s climb to the button on the foremast.

There has been a lot of animated card-playing on this voyage, and Charlie, one of the lads on our watch, has ‘really enjoyed having a beer and playing cards with the boys (though not the b …. Forfeit!)’

Ethan, our young boxer, says, ‘I found it extremely empowering to have control of such a beautiful and powerful vessel under sail.’

All the first-timers on our watch have excelled themselves at helming. As usual, the JST magic is at work!

Aft Starboard: Kate S, Jon B, Gillian B, Ethan B-P, Charlie R, Kathy S, Neil T and Jill T.


Image credit: Instagram user @AJBC_1