Day 6 – Wednesday 4 March

We left this morning with a great flurry of bracing and sail setting and were making a brisk 8 knots for Guadaloupe in a fresh breeze.  Our best sailing so far. Pity we lose the wind strength when in the lee of the islands, but that’s all part of the experience.

Day 5 – Tuesday 3 March

We set sail for Canuoan, arriving the same morning. We took the opportunity for some climbing training while the skipper was recceing things ashore.  This quite small island is split between the gated billionaires’ paradise and the much poorer local area. The small jet on the airstrip and the superyacht with chopper anchored near us said it all.  Nevertheless, we all enjoyed the beach and bar and restaurants in the local area.  The gilt came off the gingerbread on the way back to the ship in an already wet RIB under a tropical downpour.

Rumour has it that the engineers have a rain dance!  All part of the adventure.

Day 4 – Monday 2 March

After a quiet sail we arrived at Tobago Cay in mid-afternoon.  Most of us went ashore in the RIBs to swim or walk round this uninhabited island, which is a popular anchorage for catamarans as well as being a nature park. Some of us saw sharks, turtles and an iguana. The evening was topped off with an excellent dinner on deck.

Tim, Tricia, Nicole, Enya, Jim, Tony B, Tony C and Brian

Forward Starboard Watch

Day 1-3 – Thursday 27 to Saturday 29 February 

We arrived to meet the boat in Antigua, navigated the maze of pontoons in and out of the super yachts and racing yachts.

Now that we’ve settled in, there has been lots of training and then off! It was tricky getting off the mooring, Captain Darren did a great job.

Setting the sails today, you could see great teamwork – heaving, pulling, coming up, dropping and sweating.

We assisted a yacht in distress last night. Marvellous Marco (JST’s engineer) fixed their engine and off they went. Enya is steering Tenacious by the wind now.

We have seen a school of dolphins and some flying fish.

Wish you were here.

Forward Starboard Watch, Tony C, Jim, Brian, Enya, Trish, Nicole, Tony B and watch leader Tim.