What a pleasure it’s been hearing from the voyage crew onboard Tenacious as she sets sail once again. Our latest ship blog comes to us from Forward Port Watch: Helen, Jane, Beth, Isabella, Douglas, Lois, Jack, Percy the pigeon and Sammy the seal (!):

“Approaching the port, the SV Tenacious was an impressive sight, moored next to but not overshadowed by HMY Britannia.

“With luggage in tow we boarded what would be our home for the next ten days. Our friendly watch leaders were there to meet us and show us to our bunks and cabins. We then began learning about safety and daily routine of life on board. Dinner was followed by watching the sun set over the port with watches maintaining security and safety watches overnight.

“On the second day the bosun and bosun’s mates instructed the voyage crew on rope techniques and an introduction to sailing. Once the tide was right we departed through huge lock into the Firth of Forth and onward to the North Sea. We then continued to motor overnight until we came to anchor off Holy Island early in the morning at breakfast time. After an Evac drill, most of the voyage crew rode on the DOTI boats to the island. Unfortunately, we were delayed slightly as one of the DOTI boats malfunctioned and there was a possibility the first group of voyage crew would have to swim back to the ship from the shore. Fortunately, the engineers got the boat working so the VC enjoyed a day on Lindisfarne.

“The final two boats to leave encountered a slight disagreement between a tour RIB and a fishing boat because the RIB was blocking the harbour steps. Luckily for us a local fisherman saved the day by ordering the RIB to move. On the trip to shore, we encountered lots of seals inquisitive to see what we were up to. Local fishermen shared their knowledge of a shortcut into the harbour and everyone enjoyed ice cream on the island. On the return from Holy Island, the tide was out so the Voyage Crew went for a paddle to board the DOTI boat. Once back on board, the engineers cooked up a delicious BBQ with food provided by the cook – Micah.

“All crew had a wonderful time watching a beautiful sunset. At breakfast, we lifted the anchor and left Holy Island. We then travelled into the North Sea to have enough wind to set the sails for the first time since leaving Leith.”