Hello from Aft Port! It’s a glorious summer Sunday afternoon, and we’re sailing down the Solent towards the Needles and the open sea.

Everyone boarded safely yesterday, after a negative Covid test, so we left Portsmouth promptly and were out to anchor at Salt Mead.

A peaceful night with just anchor watches to contend with, gave everyone the opportunity for a good night’s sleep before we finished our training this morning.

We were interrupted by the Cowes Classic power boat race at 10am. A dozen or so power boats roared past us, with some going at 90 knots, en route to Poole and Torquay.

We set sail after lunch and headed west down the Solent at a much more leisurely pace.

As usual, Tenacious was the prettiest boat on the water and she was a magnet for every other craft out for their Sunday sail. Boats swarmed around us like ‘moths round a lamp’ with a couple of the more brave (foolish) attempting to cross our bows. The lookouts were kept busy waving and warning.

The plan is to spend the rest of the today sailing before we anchor up somewhere off Poole. Weather permitting, we’ll maybe take a sail to Lulworth Cove and make a trip ashore in the boats to the beach on Monday. As ever however, it all depends on wind, waves and tides. In the meantime, we are just relishing our summer sail. Love to all at home.

W/L Chris; Jamie; Tina; Olga; Debbie; Jane and Gabrielle.


Started at Poole, heading to Lulworth. Took out the fore course, then, realising it had a hole, re-stowed. This is the first day we braced to yards with the sails out, feels very fulfilling. Food is a lot better than expected – every meal is a delight. Hauling sails and adjusting them is loads of fun, even if it is hard work.