The Jubilee Sailing Trust currently has many active fundraising Branches around the country. Branches vary in size from 2/3 people to 30/40 people. Each Branch is very individual and the JST provides a support and a framework for each Branch to operate.

The work that the members do on behalf of the JST covers a wide spectrum. Some branches focus more on spreading the word e.g. they will run a small PR stand at local events, and some branches focus more on fundraising – organising and running events, such as; coffee mornings, pub quizzes, fun runs, garden parties, themed nights at a local restaurant – your imagination is the only limit.

The Branches are an integral part of our fundraising initiatives. They provide a network of support and help that is essential, and they are an extremely important part of the JST family.

For further information then please contact  us on, call + 44 (0) 23 8044 9108