We would love to hear from you!

Onshore as well as onboard, our Branches are the heart and community of the JST Family. We value all backgrounds and experiences and welcome those who are new to volunteering and JST! Take a look at the map below and find out where your local Branch is.

We have also just launched a new Virtual Branch, meaning even if you aren’t geographically located near to where a physical Branch currently is, you still have the opportunity to join a JST community. This will enable supporters all over the world to continue to be part of the JST community. If you are interested in joining this branch please contact: community@jst.org.uk 

Click on the pins in the map for contact details of all our physical branches or alternatively contact community@jst.org.uk 


Take a look at the sorts of things our Branches do to spread the word and raise vital funds for the Jubilee Sailing Trust.

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