Our Branches are vital in raising awareness of the Jubilee Sailing Trust’s life-changing work in communities across the UK. Each year, our Branches raise around £80,000; we thank each and every Branch member for your loyal and vital support.

There are many ways your Branch could raise funds for the charity either directly or indirectly including:

  • Speaking at local clubs and societies (virtually or in person) in return for a donation or grant
  • Distributing digital donation devices to local cafes and businesses
  • Recommending the charity to somebody you know, who works for a trust or company who may be able to donate
  • Contacting your employer (or your families’ and friends’) to nominate the Jubilee Sailing Trust for support including Charity of the Year
  • Taking part in a challenge as a group or alone such as a sponsored run or walk
  • Applying to local supermarket token schemes for funding – the more nominations the better.

We have a number of resources to help you with your initiative including posters and digital donation devices.

If you have a fundraising idea, would like support with your initiative or would just like to find out more about how you can help, please email community@jst.org.uk or call 023 8042 6868.

Here’s a taster of the sorts of things branches get up to, as recommended by some of our Branch Chairs:


John Stanton, Chair of our Welsh Branch, says:

“We’ve looked at lots of different ways we can raise awareness locally. For example we’ve been in touch with local cinemas, schools and other community-based organisations who can help us get the word out”.

Helen Keep, Chair of the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire Branch, says:

“We’re a small Branch spread over a large geographic area and so we have to take that into consideration when planning our activity. In 2018, we pulled together a short booklet ‘Real Pirates of the Caribbean’ which gave an insight into real pirate life, and sold that in our local area.”

Mike Bartlett, Chair of the Poole Bay branch, says:

“We’re keen to get posters and leaflets out locally here – such as in NHS wheelchair clinics or through local community-based organisations where we know we can reach potentially interested people.”

Karen Butler, Deputy Chair of the Bristol Branch, says:

“Being at local community fairs and festivals has been really good for us in the past, such as the Bristol Harbour Festival. We need to consider how these events moving online may affect us.”

David Rees, Chair of the Pembrokeshire Branch, says:

“We’ve seen success by giving talks – at things like local rotary clubs or local community groups.”

Graham Strudwick, Chair of the 2-6 Heavers (London Branch), says:

“We’ve had a Facebook page for some time and it is a great way to keep in touch. We aim to meet quarterly (virtually now of course – we’re getting used to Zoom!). We like a fundraising challenge here – and this year have done sponsored bike rides, virtual rowing, sailing and mast climbing events. In 2021 we have plans for another Thames walk as well as a London treasure hunt.”

Do you have fundraising or awareness raising ideas for our Branches?

Email community@jst.org.uk or get in touch with your local branch here.