Meet Jessica, the JST’s latest cadet generously funded by Trinity House. Here’s how she got on aboard her first day sail on Lord Nelson.


On the 8th of October I was given the opportunity to participate in a day sail on board the STS Lord Nelson.

I was able to shadow the deck crew through out the day and also complete a mast climb. By shadowing the 2nd officer for most of the afternoon, I was able to put into practice navigation methods I have learnt in my lessons in Warsash.

Having been sailing for my most of my life on dinghy’s, learning to raise and put away the sails on the tall ship was very interesting. The crew where all so nice helping me when I got suck or didn’t know what to do and they were also very patient when I was trying to learn new skills.

I had a lot of fun and learnt a lot on this day sail and can’t wait to spend more time on board with the Jubilee Sailing Trust in my first sea phase.