Greetings to all our JST friends.

We are a week into a three-week maintenance period at Portland Port prior to departure on our winter programme.

As well as our regular crew, we have a fantastic team of volunteers who are donating their talents, time, and skill to get Tenacious ready to sail for Lisbon on the 19th of October. We are all aware that funds are tight just now, but I am proud to say that the feeling onboard is tremendous and everyone is extremely positive about the future. We are so very lucky to have the incredible volunteer base we do and the calibre of staff both ashore and afloat that we have, with a team like that anything is possible.

We will be keeping you updated with our progress during this maintenance period, rest assured that we will be ready to welcome our voyage crew onboard on the 19th October ready for our next adventure!

Capt Darren, and all onboard Tenacious.