The Jubilee Sailing Trust is a national charity with an international presence. We welcome a relationship with companies that are collaborative and passionate about changing lives through adventure and exploration. We are a great opportunity to meet your business needs as a pioneer for social inclusion.

By partnering with the JST you can benefit from:

Win/Win: We encourage a two-way relationship by creating bespoke projects that go beyond fundraising and create value for all.

Brand: Develop a sustainable and impactful relationship with JST and stand out from the competition.

Diversity and Inclusion: Improve workforce diversity awareness and accessibility. Experience life on Tenacious or help share our key campaigns and messaging with your employees and clients.

Leadership: Onboard, everyone has a role to play; we give everyone real responsibilities that have real consequences. Experience amazing camaraderie and be part of a team that recognises everyone’s contribution.

Employee Engagement: Engage in fun and rewarding fundraising, volunteering and citizenship opportunities

To discuss partnership opportunities or to make a gift towards our work, please contact Dawn Ingram, Head of Corporate Giving on:

Tel: +44 (0)23 8044 9108 ext 216