As at Tuesday 17 March 2020.

From Patrick Fleming, Chief Executive and the Trustees of the JST: 

With the ongoing Covid-19 situation around the world, the JST Trustees have decided to divert Tenacious back to the UK and cancel our voyages up to 21 June. 

Tenacious is currently sailing across the Atlantic, having left Antigua on 11 March. We are in daily contact with the ship. All on board are well and we are adopting the World Health Organisation’s recommendations including hand and respiratory hygiene. 

Our Operations team are currently looking into berths in the UK, instead of our original destination of Piraeus in Greece. We have let those on board know and will be in touch with their named contacts this week too.  

Additionally, we have decided to cancel our Mediterranean voyage programme up to 21 June, in line with Government guidance. With current restrictions in place in both Greece and Cyprus, along with global uncertainty on how the situation will develop from here, it makes it untenable for us to operate our early Mediterranean programme. 

We will be in touch with all those booked onto cancelled voyages this week, and will of course continue to monitor the situation regarding voyages beyond 21 June. For those affected, you can find our cancellation policy here.  

We will respond to those getting in touch with us as soon as we can, but please bear with us as we navigate this situation, which is unsettling for everyone.

Thank you as ever for your ongoing support for the JST.