“We were anchored off Dravuni Island inside the Astrolabe reef, Fiji. The Islanders made us so welcome, so we invited them onboard in the evening. We had such a fantastic evening of singing and socialising that will remain in my memory for ever, the Fijian singing particularly was just beautiful. I think it was the knowledge that regardless of backgrounds, physical condition, experience, and culture, it was the human spirit that stood out.

The people of Dravuni live a life that appears less complicated than ours, there are less distractions, and there is more emphasis on the connection to family and the environment. They were happy to share this with us freely and without any conditions.

There is another community that reminds me of the open and wonderful people of Dravuni, and this community develops every time our voyage crew join Tenacious. This same inspiring and uplifting human spirit is in evidence on every single voyage the JST carry out.

In these days of disconnect and endless hurry, both the voyage crews of Tenacious and the people of Dravuni teach us that there should be time to ‘stand and stare’, that there should be time to engage in the basic human need for community and togetherness.

So here’s to another twenty years of the JST demonstrating that a fair society can be open to all regardless of what you can or can’t do, and perhaps we will sail to meet our friends at Dravuni again sometime? Count me in for that one if we do…….”

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