For the past 35 years, the Jubilee Sailing Trust (JST) has been providing life changing adventures to people from across the world. We have always been a global charity and, since inception, we have visited over 50 countries and crew of over 85 nationalities have sailed with the Trust, a number that grew significantly following our recent Sail the World adventure.

More proactively than before, Sail the World took our mission to new parts of the world and uncovered numerous new, exciting opportunities for the Trust. It is true to the inclusive values of the JST that as many people as possible have the opportunity to experience our work and we see it as an extremely important development that our impact continues to widen.

Against this context, we are delighted to announce that the Jubilee Sailing Trust has officially established a presence in Australia! Our new operation will be based in Melbourne and our expansion will build on the Sail the World legacy, creating a new axis for international development and further opportunities to provide disabled and able-bodied people with tall ship sailing adventures.

We have strong ties with Australia and supporters from the region have already made a very significant fundraising contribution to the Trust. Given this resounding success, it was the obvious place to start our international expansion.

To mark this fantastic development, and to celebrate her 15th anniversary, Tenacious will be visiting Australia as part of an international tour that will see her visit some of the world’s most exciting sailing destinations, including the Caribbean, Panama Canal and South Pacific Islands, before arriving in Melbourne in August 2016. Tenacious will remain in Australian waters for several months and we are looking at several routes home (further details will be announced soon).

Based on our experience from Sail the World, a more global JST will significantly increase our fundraising potential, year round earning opportunity and overall financial stability. In time, it also promises to improve our economies of scale and create headroom to evolve our current fleet. Whilst in-country, to the benefit of everyone, local funds will be raised to help fund sailing adventures and to ensure the ships are kept in good order.

Please join us in celebrating this extremely exciting development and wishing Tenacious’ crew the very best as they prepare for their departure in November. For those who have not already booked, you can find the latest voyage availability here.  Further updates on our programme whilst in Australia and our plans for Tenacious’ route home will be posted soon.