We’ve been hearing some fantastic reports from onboard Tenacious as she sets sail once again. The below was kindly sent to us from voyage crew on the recent London to Portsmouth trip:

“The tide was high in the early evening as we left the lock at West India Dock, London to catch the tide down the River Thames. Having had supper on deck as we passed through the modernistic Thames Barrier we dropped anchor off Southend-on-Sea to spend a quiet night.

Setting sail the next afternoon we soon had a fine array of square and fore and aft sails set. We carried on sailing through the seal scattered sand banks out of the Thames estuary followed by two huge car transporters. The white and red lights of a pilot boat was all we saw as a pilot was transferred as a ship overtook us close to port.

Shooting stars were seen by all and the pleasure of a night sailing on gentle winds set us up for a good night’s sleep.

Forward starboard watch.

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