A round of applause to Third Mate Johannes who ‘volunteered’ on the Gibraltar to Las Palmas voyage to have his beard shaved off to raise money for the JST.

After raising pledges to the total of £420, top bidder Fred “Sweeney” was let loose with the shears to tackle the not-insubstantial facial adornment. Attack commenced at 1530 with a quick scrub down with sheep dip, then with a couple of sweeps of a blunt machete, the undergrowth was down to a level which could be tackled with a pair of specially-reinforced beard clippers, wielded by local barber Captain Chris.

Finally the stubble was attacked with a borrowed Bic razor by Johannes himself (for some reason he turned down Fred’s offer of a cutthroat shave with a filleting knife!).

Who knew what lurked behind that topiary? – apparently a fresh-faced young third mate!