The Jubilee Sailing Trust is grateful for the support of many charitable trusts and foundations which are having a significant impact across all areas of our work. These investments are making it possible for us to give people of mixed abilities and circumstances the freedom to explore their ability, potential and place in the world through inclusive adventures at sea.

How trusts and foundations can help

Our strategy is unashamedly ambitious and we need your help to increase our investment into our charitable objectives.

We have a range of projects across the UK in need of funding, with many opportunities for trusts and foundations to invest in something with measurable and tangible outcomes, for people of all abilities.


Our promise to you

We value all of our donors and commit ourselves to:

  • Providing you with transparent and informative grant applications.
  • Providing you with relevant on-going communication and any additional information you may need to help with the assessment of our application.
  • Using our monitoring and evaluation mechanisms to provide you with detailed reports.
  • Recognising your contribution accordingly.

If you are the trustee of a trust or foundation with similar aims and values and would like to explore how to be part of a future where we live in an inclusive world where we can all contribute and feel valued, please email