Are you arranging a fundraising event?  Garden party, fête, sports ….. anything really.

We all recognise that people carry less loose change and cash nowadays, so charitable collections and donations have become more tricky.

Well, we now have a solution – we turn your mobile phone into a payment device!  Read below for more ….


We can now facilitate contactless payments for events supporting JST fundraising.  All you need is one (or more) iPhones or Android phones with NFC (Near Field Communication) contactless payment built in.

Once you have confirmed that, follow these steps to get activated:

  1. Contact or call +44 23 8042 6868 to advise us of the event and allow us to set up a fundraising campaign in our system.
  2. Download the relevant app to your phone using the links below.
  3. Log into the app using the details we will provide.
  4. Follow the instruction manual to connect to your campaign and turn on contactless payments.

Download the app here:


Configuration Assistance:

In Android:

  • The default NFC/Contactless Payment app will need to be set to GiveTap OR the setting “Pay with currently open app” enabled so that GiveTap has precedence when running.


In iPhone:


Application Manual:

See the GiveTap “Tap-to-Pay” manual here.