Last year’s Giving Day raised an incredible £4,000 for the Jubilee Sailing Trust. This year we’re aiming to beat that and raise £5,000 in 24 hours!

The funds raised will help purchase essential spare parts for Lord Nelson such as a new Turbo Charger and Starter Motor for her engines. Here’s a peek at the “iron topsail”.

If you’ve sailed on Lord Nelson or Tenacious before, you’ll know every effort is made to set the sails and use the power of the wind to get us from A to B. However, we can’t always rely on the weather and these engines are often crucial to get our ships to their destination on time.

We have to make sure our engineers have the spare parts to keep these running whilst at sea, especially on long voyages when you might not see land for weeks. Your donations really do help to keep our ships stocked up and prepared.

Please donate is you can: